Buying and selling homes doesn’t need to be complicated. The right real estate agent can make selling your property or buying a new home much more simple, even in the complex property markets of California, but choosing the right agent takes time and research. Follow these tips to make choosing the best real estate agent in Ventura County a breeze.

Agent in the Area

One of the most important aspects of choosing the right real estate agent is to make sure they know the area. Better yet, your real estate agent should live near the area they’re managing properties in. A local agent will understand the culture and neighborhood dynamics of the city and surrounding towns. An agent who doesn’t live near the area may not understand the nuances of the place you want to live, which can leave you misinformed. Ventura County realtors should understand California Central Coast culture and activities, and relate those activities to your location and listing price.

Market Knowledge

No matter where you move, your real estate agent should understand market trends inside and out. California’s property market is complex and ever-changing, and the right real estate agent will be on top of those trends the moment they shift. Ask your prospective agent about length of time homes stay on the market, buying and selling price ranges in the area, and their experience in the local marketplace. Agents who understand these trends can make personalized recommendations so you get the best deal for your Ventura County home, regardless of if you’re buying or selling.

Seek Recommendations and Compare

Take a trip around the area where you’ll be buying or selling your home and talk to homeowners around town. Ask them about recommendations for realtors, particularly ones they used for buying or selling property. Find local properties with “for sale” signs and do research on the realtors mentioned on the signs. Compare these names in categories such as commission, market knowledge, credentials, and experience. Lastly, interview multiple agents. If they don’t take the time to get to know you and your needs, don’t fit the profile you’re looking for, or simply don’t click with you, then move on to another agent. You want to feel comfortable with your agent first and foremost, and research can help you make the right choice for your needs.

Now that you know what to look for in a Ventura County real estate agent, give the Lefton Realty Group a call. We’ll work with you to get the right price and pick the right place, regardless of if you’re selling or buying. With just one phone call, you’ll know why we’re Ventura County’s best realtor.