City life is pretty tiring. Traffic, pollution, overpopulation—these are just among the most stressful problems. If you are tired of the fast-paced life in big cities, why not try the beautiful, family-friendly suburbs. Located in the southeast corner of Ventura County, Simi Valley is known for its beautiful mountains and quiet and safe community. Still it is not too far away from downtown Los Angeles, making it part of the Greater Los Angeles area. Here are five reasons why Simi Valley Homes are in demand:

1. It is a Safe and Family-Friendly Community

You can rest assured with your family’s safety in Simi Valley. Simi Valley is always within the top safest cities in California with a crime rate lower than the California average. A 2017 survey by the University of Vermont also ranked Simi Valley as the fifth happiest city in the United States.

Simi Valley is mostly composed of residential neighborhoods. There is limited nightlife, and most of area quiets down at around 10 pm. This is a good thing for parents who are worried about their teens. Simi Valley is also home to top primary schools and high schools in California as well as excellent medical facilities.

2. It is a Highly-Regulated City

Being highly regulated means Simi Valley has controlled growth. The city keeps urban sprawl well-controlled. Though this means that there would be limited types of businesses and services in the area, this is also the main reason why Simi Valley remains as one of the safer cities to live, and low crime rates are maintained.

Its environment and natural landscapes are very well-preserved and protected. There won’t be problems of overpopulation or air pollution. It maintains that small city feel which is desirable to many residents

3. It Has Lots of Recreational Facilities

Nightlife might be very limited, but you can enjoy plenty of fun from outdoor adventures. Simi Valley has the finest recreational facilities, shopping centers and restaurants. It has a total of fifty parks, including urban city-parks and public open spaces or multi-purpose trail systems. It has nature trails for hikers, cyclists and equestrians. It also has six golf courses; meanwhile beaches are well under an hour away.

Simi Valley Homes are very attractive for those with an active lifestyle. You won’t run out of fantastic places to visit. Simi Valley also has a lot of places to eat. Japanese, Greek, Italian—they have it all. There is also the Cultural Arts Center, for those who like to watch classic plays, new-age musicals or comedy sketches and don’t forget the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

4. Mild Weather All Year Round

Simi Valley residents enjoy mild and comfortable weather all year round. The warmest month is August with an average maximum temperature of 96 °F. Meanwhile, the coldest is December with an average minimum temperature of 38 °F.

You have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the blue skies, with only about 18 inches of rain annually, compares to the 37 inches US average. Winter months tend to be wetter, but snowfall in Simi Valley is always at 0 inches compared to the U.S. average of 25 inches of snow per year.

5. Convenient Transportation

One of the most important considerations in finding a new home is transportation. Since Simi Valley is a residential area, it takes some time to get to the city. However, Simi Valley has plenty of fast and easy transportation options.

It has railroads and bus routes which run seven days a week to all over Los Angeles. On the other hand, for those who have their own cars, the local freeways give quick access to neighboring cities.

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